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Happiness is Dancing offers a variety of classes for all ages and levels ranging from age 2 to adult. Whether you’re looking to have fun and stay active or challenge yourself and advance your skills, we have something for you.

Discounts are offered for students taking multiple classes and for families with multiple siblings.

Recreational Classes

Quality, fun-filled dance education designed for students of all levels and ages.

Children who display the desire to progress to the competitive level of dance are encouraged to take multiple classes including ballet and may be asked to audition for a placement on the Full-Time or Part-Time Competitive teams.

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Tiny Tots
Age: 2-3 years
Program Description: Start your little dancer in our 30-minute Tiny Tots class! This program offers creative development starting with basic movement and musicality through fun exercises, songs and games. It is sure to be a blast for your Tiny Tot!
Mini Movers
Age: 3-4 years
Program Description: Mini Movers is perfect for any child that loves dancing, music and games! This 45-minute jazz/ballet introductory class teaches these little Mini Movers basic terminology and technique in a fun, interactive way through songs and entertaining activities! Let’s get your little dancer movin’ in Mini Movers!
Age: 4-5 years
Program Description: Pre-Dance is a one-hour, high-energy class that is an introduction to jazz and ballet. This class builds on basic knowledge and skills of the Mini Movers program with fun songs, games and exercises as more thorough techniques are learned. Pre-Dance is a transition into tap, jazz and ballet. Your dancer will LOVE everything this class has to offer each and every week!
Age: 5+ years
Program Description: Vocal lessons are taught privately and students will learn the understanding of pitch, rhythm and singing techniques. Classes are offered for ages 5 to adult and are 30-minutes in length. Let’s get singing!
Age: 5+ years
Program Description: Let’s get those feet tappin’! Students will explore tap terminology, rhythm, coordination and timing in this 45-minute class.
Age: 5+ years
Program Description: Students will learn proper stretch, strength, technique, and style in a high-energy environment. Principal components of the class include warm up, corner work, and combination execution. Jazz class material is presented in a very fun and innovate manner for ages 5 to adult in this 45 minute or one-hour class.
Age: 5+ years
Program Description: Ballet classes are the foundation of dance. Students will learn proper ballet technique conditioning through correct positions, posture and grace while following the Cecchetti style ballet.
Age: 5+ years
Program Description: Dance and gymnastic practices are combined in this discipline. Flexibility and strength are of focus while students learn to combine their dance technique and training with fun acrobatic tricks. Acro is offered at the beginner to advanced level. Classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Musical Theatre
Age: 8+ years
Program Description: Musical Theatre is an introduction to acting in a musical manner combining movement with characterization performances. These 45-minute classes are certainly a blast!
Age: 5+ years
Program Description: You sure will not want to miss out on our Hip-Hop classes. Students will learn funky, fun warm-ups and dance combinations while dancing to the coolest, upbeat music! Hip-Hop is a 45 minute class.
Part-time Competitive Classes

Designed for students to advance in their dance training. Dancers will build on their technique through more complex exercises and will be introduced to the competitive dance environment. This program combines the skills and commitments of the competitive level with the flexibility of recreational. The Part-time Competitive Team performs in the year-end recital.

Dacers interested in joining the Part-time Competitive Program are asked to please contact Lori Cacciotti, HID Artistic Director, to arrange an audition.

Program Breakdown
Age: 6+
Commitment: 2-3 days a week
Competitions: 2 per year (March-May), out of town
Optional: Workshops, events

Full-Time Competitive Classes

Designed to truly challenge and inspire students to achieve their full potential and excel in their dance careers.

Dancers will take part in a variety of classes including Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Technique, Acro, and Musical Theatre. Students will enhance their conditioning and technical training, through intensive exercises to compete with award winning choreography. Competitive students perform in the year-end recital along with their own Competitive Showcase.

Dancers interested in joining the Full-Time Competitive program are asked to please contact Lori Cacciotti, HID's Artistic Director, to arrange an audition.

Program Breakdown
Commitment: 3-5 days a week
Competitions: 3 per year (March-May), out of town.
Optional: Workshops, events