Upon Arrival

1: We ask that you pre-screen your dancer or vocalist using the questions in our COVID-19 screening questionnaire before coming to the studio to ensure they do not have any COVID-19 symptoms.

2: Dancers and vocalists should arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before their classes begin. Any dancer, vocalist, parent or guardian must wear a face covering to enter the studio until they are in class unless they are under the age of 6 or have a medical condition that prevents them from doing so.

3: We ask that you drop off your dancer or vocalist using the main entrance or side entrance between the church and the studio only. The entrance with the ramp will only be used to exit the building. For those who need use the ramp for accessibility, please call ahead as this door will be locked.

4: Once inside, dancers can put their outside shoes on the boot rack in the entrance. A staff member will meet you at the top of the stairs of the main entrance to sanitize your hands, take your temperature, ensure proper face covering is being worn and to sign in visitors.

5: Due to social distancing measures and to limit the amount of people in our building, we can only allow one parent or guardian per dancer for our Tiny Tots, Mini Movers and Predance classes only. No other non-dancing sibling will be allowed to enter the building. Parents of dancers in all other classes will not be allowed to view classes at this time. Parents or guardians will be expected to sign in, sanitize their hands, wear a face covering while in the building, maintain a 6 foot distance from others and sign out when they leave.

6: Markers will be outlined on the floor of our common areas to ensure physical distancing procedures are met. Please respect the physical distancing rule of 6 feet apart when in common areas.

In Class

1: Class sizes are limited in order to respect the social distancing protocols. Each dance room will have 6x6 foot taped boxes for dancers to dance in during their classes.

2: We ask that all dancers come dressed and ready for class as the change room is currently closed. Dancers can bring a small bag for their shoes and a water bottle in class. There will be designated spots on the ledge at the back of the room for their bag. The ledge will be disinfected at the end of each class. We ask that all items (water bottles, shoes, sweaters, jackets, bags, etc.) have names/labels on them to prevent dancers from using each other’s belongings. It will also make it easier to know who the owner is if the item is lost or left behind.

3: Dancers need to make sure that they stay 6 feet apart to the best of their ability when taking class. No partner work will be done and teachers will be staying 6 feet apart from the dancers. If a teacher needs to get closer than 6 feet to correct or spot a dancer, they will wear a face covering.

4: Full-Time and Part-Time Competitive dancers will be required to wear a face covering when doing barre during ballet class unless a dancer has a medical condition that prevents them from doing so. We will make sure that this dancer is placed 6 feet away from the other dancers in order to properly social distance.


1: We ask that you arrive on time to pick up your dancer or vocalist. Dancers will be sent outside for pick up after class. If your dancer is too young to meet you outside at your vehicle on their own, we ask that you meet them in the entrance. Please ensure that you are wearing a face covering.

2: If there are no parking spots available in the front of the studio, please do not park along the road in front of any homes. Please respect our neighbors on Dollard Street. This will allow for proper and safe traffic flow during busy times. Additional parking is available in the back of the studio. Please utilize the entrance between the church and the studio. We also ask parents to not conglomerate in front of the studio in big groups.

Enhanced Cleaning Procedures

High touch surfaces will be cleaned between each class (barres, equipment, stereo, ledges, light switches & door handles) with a government approved cleaner. Each studio will be cleaned and disinfected every night with a fog disinfector machine using Vital Oxide solution to ensure that our dancers, staff and families are kept safe. Hand sanitizer will be available in each studio and entrances. We have scheduled regular maintenance of our HVAC units to ensure clean ventilation.

What happens when staff and/or students exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 at the studio?

If a student or staff member becomes symptomatic, they will be provided with a mask and isolated away from everyone. A parent or guardian will be contacted to come pick them up. Another staff member will monitor that student in full PPE until their ride home arrives to pick them up. A thorough cleaning will follow in the spaces the symptomatic individual was in. Parents will be recommended to contact the Sudbury and District Public Health Unit for further guidance. The individual won’t be allowed to return to the studio until they are symptom free or have followed all necessary steps outlined by the Sudbury and District Public Health Unit. Because parents are not able to view classes at this time, ongoing communication will take place by email if someone in a class exhibits symptoms. It will be important at that time for parents of this class to monitor their dancers as well.

Mandated Studio Closure

If HID is required to suspend in-studio classes due to an Emergency Declaration or other required closure(s), all dance classes will continue online via Zoom until it is safe to return to the studio in person. Tuition remains the same whether classes are running in studio or online. Once a month is complete, if we are still on Zoom and you do not wish to continue with online classes, please notify us by email and we won’t process the following month’s payment. There will be no refunds or credits offered for online classes.


If a dancer has to go to the washroom during class, they will be required to put on a face covering to leave the classroom. Dancers must hand wash before leaving the washroom. All washrooms will be disinfected regularly while the studio is open. Parents are asked to encourage dancers and vocalists to use bathroom at home to limit the use of the studio bathrooms.

Change Rooms

There will be limited access to the change rooms for the Full-Time and Part-Time Competitive this season. There will be no use of lockers. Change rooms will only be available for quick changes between classes. Dancers are required to wear a face covering and social distance while in the change room by following the provided markers. We ask that all Recreational dancers come dressed and ready for class in order to limit the amount of traffic in the change rooms.


The kitchen will be off limits this season except for Competitive dancers who are here for lengthy periods of time. Dancers are required to wear a face covering and social distance while in the kitchen by following the provided markers. Disinfectant and wipes will be provided for dancers to clean the area they have used in the kitchen